Vise Jaws

Aluminum vise jaw inserts keep your reusable fittings looking great with extended use. Fitted with magnets, these vice jaws fit any size range between -03 to -32.

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Sturdy, anodized aluminum wrenches are designed to fit the hexes of Aeroquip’s anodized fittings. Combined with the vice jaws, these aluminum wrenches maintain the nice finish on your fittings even with repeated use.

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Cover unsightly band clamps using the aluminum PRO Clamp connector, giving your band clamps a polished look

Available in several sizes, these red covers complete and refine the look of any rubber or stainless steel braided hose assembly.

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Aeroquip Performance offers two popular hose sleeves, one for safety and one for appearance.

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The Aeroquip Firesleeve is a hose flame shield that can delay or prevent hose lines from burning. The Firesleeve is NHRA approved. Also available is the stainless overbraid used to dress up existing rubber hoses like radiator hoses. Use the Pro Clamp connectors to finish the look.

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