Aeroquip Performance offers a full line of compatible hose fittings to pair to its hoses. Fully engineered, tested and qualified with each hose, count on Aeroquip fittings for a leak free fit.

Reusable Aluminum Fittings

Designed to fit both the AQP Racing Hose and Startlite hoses, our aluminum reusable fittings offer the best value. Use and reuse interchangeably between the two hose types.

The fittings use a compression style design preventing damage to the inside of the hose’s inner tube. These fittings are also designed to swivel, easing alignment during installation. Fittings range in size and configuration to match to each hose style.

Applicable Hoses:

AQP Racing Startlite
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Crimp Aluminum Fittings

Designed to fit both the AQP Racing Hose and Startlite hoses, our aluminum crimp fittings offer lightweight compatibility. Marked with a scribe line, use the ET1000 or the ProCrimp 1380 machines for the perfect crimp assembly.

Applicable Hoses:

AQP Racing Startlite
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Aluminum Socketless Fittings

Designed with 2 and 3 barbed ends to create the connection, Aeroquip’s Socketless fittings are extremely easy to work with!

Connecting the hose and fittings simply requires slipping the hose onto the fitting - no wrenches required! Under pressure the hose contracts to create a tight fit around the fitting.

Applicable Hoses:

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Aeroquip Performance qualifies all of its hoses and corresponding fittings to work as an assembly resulting in a confidence you can only get from Aeroquip Performance products.

A/C Fittings

Make your own Air Conditioning assemblies using the nickel plated, reusable fittings. Designed to pair with Aeroquip’s stainless braided a/c hose for a DIY a/c hose assembly made right in your garage!

Complete with charge ports, these nickel plated fittings feature an o-ring ferrule to ensure a superior seal when paired with Aeroquip’s a/c stainless braided hose. Choose from a wide array of sizes and configurations engineered for a precise fit.

Applicable Hoses:

A/C Stainless Braided
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Teflon® Steel Fittings

Uniquely designed to handle the pressures, temperatures, and fluids often seen by these hose assemblies, the Teflon® hose reusable steel fittings feature a swivel body to ease in the installation of the hose assembly.¹

Applicable Hoses:

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¹ Teflon and Nomex are registered trademarks of DuPont and under license by Eaton

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Aeroquip® Performance is the professional’s choice and leads the industry in manufacturing their own hoses and fittings.